Public Relations
Public relations (better known as PR) is often mistakenly seen as talking a lot and making friends with journalists so you can get your client into the news. First of all, this isn’t PR. Secondly, getting coverage is barely 10% of what PR people really do. There is honestly so much more to PR than...
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So, you’ve created a startup. That’s great, but without the proper brand recognition and publicity, you’re unlikely to capture a reporter’s attention. That’s why it’s vital to build your startup’s reputation, make contacts, and spread the word. How can you do that? Most entrepreneurs understand the value of media coverage, but often lack that little...
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We all love Public Relations. Let’s be honest and admit that we do. I’ve been doing it for 10 years and have seen how clients react behind closed doors when that positive review comes in or they get a full-page spread in their local daily. We’re all human. However, we don’t all understand what it...
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Journalists are often very busy and have little (or no) time to look through your email or listen to your pitch. We aim to give you a short guide on how to ensure the journalist understands your pitch and most importantly remembers what you say through email or over the phone. Before starting on this...
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Journalists are often very busy and have little (or no) time, so being concise and informative is a positive for them. This article aims to provide you with a clear guide on how to respond to a media query. Before we go any further, it is important to remember that Singapore journalists and in fact...
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Publications or PR is essential for any brand looking to build a reputation in their industry and gain consumer trust. Whether a company is a Fortune 500, startup, or MNC, the need for PR is there. Though startups often launch public relations initiatives that are similar to those of established companies, the difference lies in...
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Media events are a great way to get media to come and experience your product or service firsthand, thus improving the likelihood of coverage and gaining supporters for your company or product. In order to get them interested, you need to send a media invite to invite journalists to attend your event. The media invite...
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We all have stories to tell and though we may find it interesting, your Brand Story needs to appeal to people who have no reason to love us. We’ve all faced these issues, and to overcome them, it requires the ability to put yourself in the perspective of the reader. Startups or SMEs often have...
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January 2022