How experiential PR can help brands connect with media and stakeholders
In this article, we explore how digitalisation has exposed consumers to brands like never before and why experiential PR is gaining popularity in the industry.
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PR in Malaysia
SYNC PR Consultant Ahmad shares ten insights for successful PR in Malaysia based on his on-job experiences and lessons learned.
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Here's a short bit on how to boost morale in the office. These are some established and proven ideas to keep your employees engaged for better productivity
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5 steps to building a personal brand as a first-time entrepreneur
We share some simple steps on how to build a personal brand as a first-time entrepreneur, which is critical when you're starting you're business.
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Here are examples of key messages useful for SMEs and startups
The team at SYNC has collated and shared some examples of key messages useful for SMEs and startups for both B2C and B2B industries. Hope you find it useful.
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7 tips on how to grow your Malaysian e-commerce business
We share 7 tips on how to grow your Malaysian e-commerce business, which is a strong market that is showing resilience and growth across the world.
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4 tips to build your e-commerce business in Singapore
We share 4 tips to build a business that focuses on e-commerce in Singapore, which is a thriving industry that is valued at billions of dollars.
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We shared the 5 common marketing misconceptions that Singapore founders often make
Marketing for startups is a hot topic in the media, blogs, meetups, conferences, and elsewhere. Despite this, founders may still struggle to understand how to approach marketing for startups correctly. In conversations with Southeast Asian entrepreneurs from various industries, I’ve noticed a few recurring common marketing misconceptions. Over the last four years, my team and...
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What is a key message and why it matters for your business
The foundation of effective communication is key messages. In business, these cut through the noise and grab the attention of your target audiences, whether you’re giving a speech, making a pitch, or developing marketing content. You can connect with your target audience, hold their attention, and motivate them to action by using key messages. But...
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Learn everything you need to know about SEO for getting started today.
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