Art Jamming
Paintblush, an experience-centric art jamming studio, is excited to announce the official launch of Singapore’s first-ever Sip ‘n’ Paint concept.  Unlike a typical art class, these 3-hour sessions will have participants sipping beverages of choice while painting a picture selected from a huge variety of reference images, supervised by an experienced art instructor offering a...
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Increasing your business performance is neither a sprint nor a marathon, but a unique race that requires specific strategies and tools. You need to nurture your business to grow and thrive in the current competitive landscape. Below, we’ll explore the essential steps to boost your business performance and achieve your goals. The significant role of...
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PR trends for startups in 2023
Public relations is essential for any business in order to connect with its stakeholders and customers, lay the foundation of trust, and demonstrate credibility. Being a PR professional requires one to keep a finger on the pulse of the news, as PR trends and priorities can change quickly with the public’s sentiment. For example, PR...
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social media content strategy in tech PR
Are you trying to reach your target audience for your tech brand? In this article, we explore how to create a good social media content strategy in Tech PR.
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In this article, we explore how a well-executed PR strategy can generate media coverage, increase brand visibility, attract customers and drive business growth.
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event PR
Organising a successful tech event in Singapore can be a challenging feat. In this article, we explore how event PR can help make events a success.
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How experiential PR can help brands connect with media and stakeholders
In this article, we explore how digitalisation has exposed consumers to brands like never before and why experiential PR is gaining popularity in the industry.
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PR in Malaysia
SYNC PR Consultant Ahmad shares ten insights for successful PR in Malaysia based on his on-job experiences and lessons learned.
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Here's a short bit on how to boost morale in the office. These are some established and proven ideas to keep your employees engaged for better productivity
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5 steps to building a personal brand as a first-time entrepreneur
We share some simple steps on how to build a personal brand as a first-time entrepreneur, which is critical when you're starting you're business.
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December 2023