localised marketing
Localised marketing strategy is key for businesses thriving in today’s globalised and interconnected world, as it allows them to expand their operations and resonates with audiences across multiple markets. The UOB Business Outlook Study 2023 (Regional) unveiled that over 80% of businesses in Southeast Asia and Greater China are looking to penetrate global markets in...
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meals in minutes
Malaysian-based food startup, Meals in Minutes, today announced that it has successfully secured USD 1.5 million in a seed round led by an early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator, 500 Global, with participation from a private investor. This fresh round of capital will fuel Meals in Minutes’s growth across Malaysia and Singapore, including establishing a...
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Art Jamming
Paintblush, an experience-centric art jamming studio, is excited to announce the official launch of Singapore’s first-ever Sip ‘n’ Paint concept.  Unlike a typical art class, these 3-hour sessions will have participants sipping beverages of choice while painting a picture selected from a huge variety of reference images, supervised by an experienced art instructor offering a...
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PR trends for startups in 2023
Public relations is essential for any business in order to connect with its stakeholders and customers, lay the foundation of trust, and demonstrate credibility. Being a PR professional requires one to keep a finger on the pulse of the news, as PR trends and priorities can change quickly with the public’s sentiment. For example, PR...
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We shared the 5 common marketing misconceptions that Singapore founders often make
Marketing for startups is a hot topic in the media, blogs, meetups, conferences, and elsewhere. Despite this, founders may still struggle to understand how to approach marketing for startups correctly. In conversations with Southeast Asian entrepreneurs from various industries, I’ve noticed a few recurring common marketing misconceptions. Over the last four years, my team and...
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After multiple requests from our clients and network, we have decided to share (some of) our internal guide on how to create amazing pitch decks for startups looking for investors.  Let’s just be honest for a minute. Founders tend to understand their product and service, but often lack the fundamental concept that almost no one...
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Over the last few years (pre-COVID-19) my podcast co-host and friend David Bobis floated around the idea of doing a web series about business, marketing, startups, and things that we learned over the last decade and a bit. A lot of these conversations happened over quite a few drinks and while it was something we...
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As social distancing measures keep people apart and at home, businesses are scrambling to find ways to keep their customers engaged. It should come as no surprise that consumers expect complete transparency in uncertain times like these. In fact, a survey done by Kantar of more than 25,000 consumers globally found that 75% say that...
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When I first decided to start my own business – a PR agency – I envisioned a sleek office decorated in steam-punk fashion with a huge reception to give people a sense of wonder whenever they came over for a meeting. I worked out the budget and put together a hiring plan that included a...
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In our previous articles, we’ve talked about creating a brand identity and being consistent, but it’s not just about what you say. First impressions matter and customers will judge you on your visual branding. For example, did you know that one-third of the most successful businesses include the colour blue in their logo?  Think of...
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July 2024