Public relations
We distil years of experience to share 6 steps on how to use PR to grow your business, whether it is a startup, SME or established brand in the market.
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5 reasons why your business should do public relations in Singapore
We share 5 reasons why your business should do public relations in Singapore and how it will help with growth and bringing in new customers to your business.
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5 tips to get media coverage in Malaysia
Malaysian startups need to do more to position themselves and this is where PR can help. We share 5 PR tips for securing headlines in Malaysia in this article.
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The fine art of writing and pitching a story to impress upon another is often something that PR professionals spend years perfecting through research and relationship building. While there may not be any hard and fast rules that apply, there are some basic do’s and don’ts. This article oversees the techniques of writing a PR...
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As the term media relations suggests, a huge part of public relations focuses on building a good rapport with the media. Especially for startups and small businesses, this is a crucial step as the media may not be familiar with you yet. While it’s not totally impossible to compete with the PR department of the...
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Lessons on Public Relations Let’s take a look at 2021’s PR disasters
Even the best, most well-organised businesses in the world should prepare for potential PR disasters and scandals. We are all human, and mistakes get made. Last year there was no shortage of PR blunders from various big-name international and local brands.  It is sometimes unavoidable to mess up, but every marketing or PR disaster has...
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When it comes to sharing your brand story, one of the ways is to use a press release newswire or PR newswire, but is that the right choice for your PR strategy?
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Many people who do not work in the communications field don’t fully understand the difference between PR and marketing. While they are two aspects of a company that work for hand in hand and overlap, they are two distinct disciplines.   PR is the process of identifying, anticipating, and managing public opinion. Marketing is the process...
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Yes, we’re guilty. Guilty of using words like ‘new normal’ to describe the current situation or still describing everything as ‘disruptive’ and ‘innovative’. Now, while there’s nothing wrong with those words in general, how we use them makes them the most overused words in PR in Singapore. I specifically call out Singapore, because the most...
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In every industry, changes are inevitable, and this is no different in the world of Public Relations. While riding through evolving landscapes, companies need to adapt. And, that is why reassessing your strategies from time to time is important. Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to build an adaptable business...
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January 2023