I am going to make an assumption that everyone reading this has heard of content marketing and why they should use it. If not, well then maybe you should consider giving this a read first. Every brand is getting into it and investing quite a lot. Just look at Grab and their push into customised content. However,...
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Who’s got time to write a blog post, especially when you’re a busy entrepreneur? You do actually, so take 30 minutes out of your day at least twice a week to pen down your thoughts. This isn’t a joke or a scam, because it really is possible to draft a blog in about 30 minutes...
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Contrary to the current climate, facts do matter, but getting people to remember them is the struggle. By incorporating them within a story, helps make them memorable and easily digestible for your audience. That’s why big brands spend millions building a great brand story around their brand. Today’s consumers are buying your story as much...
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It’s not enough to just regularly update your company blog. That’s a good first step for your small business or startup, but it’s also necessary to make sure each post is readable. So, what does that mean exactly? Simply put, it is a measure of how easy it is for people, the common person on...
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One of the best ways to kickstart your business is to create a publicly accessible website. Fortunately for struggling entrepreneurs, there are a lot of free or affordable platforms that make it easy to do this, like Wix or WordPress. Before you start envisioning programmable bots and a strong underlying CMS, maybe focus on what’s...
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Content marketing for startups is a great way to improve SEO, educate visitors to your website, and drive engagement with your customers. This is a valuable tool for startups and SMEs to affordably and efficiently generate organic business leads for their brand. When creating your startup marketing strategy, it is important to understand the vital...
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June 2022