brand story
As the internet diminishes distances virtually and brings us closer together, the human touch has ironically become somewhat of a scarcity. Telling a compelling story could help you, as a brand, fulfil the basic human need for interaction by communicating as more than just a faceless entity. Powerful storytelling is often easier said than done....
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Contrary to the current climate, facts do matter, but getting people to remember them is the struggle. By incorporating them within a story, helps make them memorable and easily digestible for your audience. That’s why big brands spend millions building a great brand story around their brand. Today’s consumers are buying your story as much...
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It’s not enough to just regularly update your company blog. That’s a good first step for your small business or startup, but it’s also necessary to make sure each post is readable. So, what does that mean exactly? Simply put, it is a measure of how easy it is for people, the common person on...
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We all have stories to tell and though we may find it interesting, your Brand Story needs to appeal to people who have no reason to love us. We’ve all faced these issues, and to overcome them, it requires the ability to put yourself in the perspective of the reader. Startups or SMEs often have...
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October 2021