Why we started a podcast amidst COVID-19 to grow our businesses

Over the last few years (pre-COVID-19) my podcast co-host and friend David Bobis floated around an idea of doing a web-series about business, marketing, startups, and things that we learned over the last decade and a bit. A lot of these conversations happened over quite a few drinks and while it was something we thought...
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How to communicate with your audience during a pandemic

As social distancing measures keep people apart and at home, businesses are scrambling to find ways to keep their customers engaged. It should come as no surprise that consumers expect complete transparency in uncertain times like these. In fact, a survey done by Kantar of more than 25,000 consumers globally found that 75% say that...
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Brevity is the soul of wit: Lessons from Twitter on creating bite-sized content

When it comes to pitches and social media copies, it’s all about keeping your content concise — but short writing doesn’t have to be unmemorable. Twitter is a testament to that: even with its character limit upped to 280, the best posts on the platform are succinct, punchy, and infinitely quotable. How do these posts...
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Evergreen versus topical content: An overview

When evaluating the time-sensitivity of the content that you create, there are two major categories. Content will either be topical or evergreen. You should always include both categories in your marketing strategy, as each has its ideal purpose. At the most basic level, evergreen content is relevant for a long time while topical content has...
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How to perfect PR pitch angles using storytelling conventions

Your PR strategy must embrace storytelling and include it to achieve the best results. Effective storytelling allows your brand to reach consumers as well as reporters. Your story is the opportunity to create connections with potential clients and convince reporters to cover your brand. However, to achieve those goals with your story, you must know...
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How to tell whether your social media strategies are working

In the last few years, social media has evolved to be one of the most powerful marketing platforms in the world. With 1 billion users (and growing) on only Instagram itself, there is no doubt that you are unable to find your targeted audience on the platform. However, the question lies whether they found you....
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How creative writing can make articles more engaging

Daily news articles from online channels assail the collective consciousness of readers like unrelenting armies in battle. Each and every piece of information, similar to the rhythmic marching of soldiers, pounds relentlessly into their heads, demanding attention.  In this digital, fact-saturated world, how can one make their article stand out? What captures the attention of...
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A survival guide to the wilderness of remote work

The COVID-19 crisis has far-reaching effects across different aspects of society, including the way we work. With no end to the pandemic in sight, companies all around the world have requested or mandated that employees stay away from their offices, thereby triggering a work-from-home experiment en masse. What will this mean for the modern-day employee?...
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SYNC remote staffers share personal experiences on working from home

With social distancing and (almost) global lockdowns, working from home is the new normal. And, everyone is realising that working remotely is not an easy feat after all. It may seem like the most convenient way to work– you get to laze around in your pyjamas as you work from the comfort of your couch...
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July 2020