The COVID-19 crisis has far-reaching effects across different aspects of society, including the way we work. With no end to the pandemic insight, companies all around the world have requested or mandated that employees stay away from their offices, thereby triggering a work-from-home experiment en masse. What will this mean for the modern-day employee? And...
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Remote working has gained a lot of popularity and is fast becoming a way to attract talent to successful companies. Employees who are able to work remotely report being happier and more productive compared to their office-based counterparts. For organizations with a remote team, it also has the added benefit of being extremely cost-effective and can...
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Last night, I went to watch a local theatre production and I happened to be introduced to someone from the tech industry who attended the same show as well. He worked in a robotics start-up in the USA and told me how he wished he and his start-up colleagues were like the actors on stage....
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When startups scale their business, it is essential to make sure your employees join you on that journey, rather than leave them behind. Beyond memos and slack messages, most communication depends on what your employees hear and observe. I have spent the last six years working with startups to help them with their communication strategy...
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We all have stories to tell and though we may find it interesting, your Brand Story needs to appeal to people who have no reason to love us. We’ve all faced these issues, and to overcome them, it requires the ability to put yourself in the perspective of the reader. Startups or SMEs often have...
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May 2024