Optimised content is the backbone of every SEO strategy. You might already be pushing fresh ideas every week, but it just seems like you could do more, you know? Updating existing content is one of the strategies that people often overlook when it comes to SEO. On one hand, you have had past content that...
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In the age of search engines, it’s safe to say that without some sort of online presence, businesses stand to lose out. Did you know that 49% of users use Google to discover a new product or service?  We all know a thing or two about Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. More commonly,...
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As a business owner, it doesn’t get much more exciting than launching your brand new website. Well, maybe that’s just us. After months of planning and development, you can finally see the new online face of your business. Even better, you get to share it with your potential customers.   However, web designers’ job scope can...
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving a website so it is seen by its target audience when they’re looking for something specific online. But SEO is a complex beast. There are a number of different elements to it. Each one requires attention, but by approaching the different aspects with the right tactics,...
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Are you planning a content marketing campaign, but don’t know where, and how to start? It takes too much dedication, time, energy, and loads of ideas to begin with. But like most things, the beginning is always the crucial part of marketing. At SYNC, we understand this too well, so we’ve put together some tips to...
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We can describe content marketing till we’re blue in the face, but does it really sink in unless you see it in real life. Here are some global examples of how great content marketing can help your brand grow in today’s competitive market. To sign up for a free consultation, send us a message at...
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Content marketing for startups is a great way to improve SEO, educate visitors to your website, and drive engagement with your customers. This is a valuable tool for startups and SMEs to affordably and efficiently generate organic business leads for their brand. When creating your startup marketing strategy, it is important to understand the vital...
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January 2022