Top marketing strategies online loan providers use to attract customers
Here are some top marketing strategies online loan providers use to attract customers, especially since this is an extremely competitive industry.
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We shared the 5 common marketing misconceptions that Singapore founders often make
Marketing for startups is a hot topic in the media, blogs, meetups, conferences, and elsewhere. Despite this, founders may still struggle to understand how to approach marketing for startups correctly. In conversations with Southeast Asian entrepreneurs from various industries, I’ve noticed a few recurring common marketing misconceptions. Over the last four years, my team and...
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The internet’s first personal data collectors were websites and applications. Now, consumer data is used to deliver targeted advertising and content, leading to higher returns. By tracking users’ activities online, marketers are able to analyse, enquire about and understand their audience. More recently, intelligent technology in physical products has allowed companies in many industries to collect...
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Traditionally, we characterise hard-selling as an overtly direct sales approach.  Honed for decades, this method can include cold-calling, aggressive advertising, and attempts to play on a consumer’s fears.  For example, a salesperson might try and convince a customer that a particular model is limited. If they wait, they could miss out or end up paying...
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Marketing impacts our daily lives whether we want it to or not and with the advent of social media, smartphones and our growing reliance on a constantly connected world, it’s impact has only continued to grow. However, we have witnessed a fast-evolving industry as technology has changed the way consumers interact with brands and vice...
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We are living in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 where technological advancements have led to disruptive trends in almost all industries, including marketing. Companies- both big and small- are reinventing their strategies to get ahead in the marketing game. Using social media to reach out to a broader audience While social media may...
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Before we get into the article about reaching Generation Z, let’s first figure out what that generation is all about. According to Tech Target, here’s what it all means: Generation Z is the demographic cohort following Generation Y, also known as the Millennials or the Millennial Generation; other names suggested for the cohort include iGeneration (iGen),...
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July 2024