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Threads for PR
Threads for PR and social media campaigns: should you consider it? Lots of changes have hit the social media sphere since Elon Musk took over Twitter and rebranded it to X. Recently, Elon Musk suggested that he might want to start charging a subscription fee to use X bringing about a wave of uncertainty about...
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We share how to create a social media strategy for your brand, based on our experience helping brands in Singapore, Malaysia & more grow their online community
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It can be incredibly intimidating to stay on top of your brand’s social media accounts. It is easy for something small to slip between the cracks. That is particularly true if you schedule different types of content on various accounts, all on different days. Using a social media management tool lets you stay organised and...
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Incorporating a hint of kindness into your social media campaign can make a significant difference. Most people have known for years that when you align yourself with a good cause, you will notice a boost in positive engagement. Purpose-driven campaigns now appeal to the emotions of consumers even more, thanks largely to the impact of...
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In the last few years, social media has evolved to be one of the most powerful marketing platforms in the world. With 1 billion users (and growing) on only Instagram itself, there is no doubt that you are unable to find your targeted audience on the platform. However, the question lies in whether they found...
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In the first post of this series, we established why and how social media marketing can help SMEs and startups scale their business. We discussed the nuances of getting it right and also busted some myths about social media marketing. In this post, let us explore some tips about how to engage people on social...
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In this day and age of cutthroat competition, new startups are being launched and funded almost on an everyday basis. It has become crucial to keep up with disruptive marketing trends to sustain in the market. SMEs and startups cannot afford to lose numbers and need all the traction to take off and sustain, and...
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December 2023