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SYNC PR has now built a company of over 20 staff with four teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and IndiaThe company is focused on key markets like Malaysia, where they foresee strong growth in 2022 helped by the continued investment into the industryTheir client portfolio crossed over 250 startups and businesses in the last four...
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Many people who do not work in the communications field don’t fully understand the difference between PR and marketing. While they are two aspects of a company that work for hand in hand and overlap, they are two distinct disciplines.   PR is the process of identifying, anticipating, and managing public opinion. Marketing is the process...
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Copywriting is an art and a science, and good copywriters are heavily sought after by many companies. A good copywriter would be able to condense your brand story into short, succinct paragraphs, in a very compelling and readable manner. Also, the sky’s the limit, when it comes to creativity. What do you need to take...
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How to write content that adds value to your customer
What is the definition of good writing? What are some characteristics of a good post? In this article, we’re focusing on what it means to write a good piece of content for your business, primarily for use online. Good content posts have a lot in common, and they should be able to help the reader...
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5 content writing tools that can help your business stand out and generate growth
The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way we live. As the world recovers and enters into a post-pandemic state, there’s no denying that everything has shifted to the digital realm. When it comes to digital marketing, content writing tools have become essential for many businesses looking to scale up. The pandemic saw how digital...
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No matter the PR strategy, creating newsworthy content is crucial. This is just as true when writing a guest article for a client as it is when pitching a story. Despite its importance, it can be challenging to come up with newsworthy content in PR. The following tips will help you sharpen your news sense...
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Incorporating a hint of kindness into your social media campaign can make a significant difference. Most people have known for years that when you align yourself with a good cause, you will notice a boost in positive engagement. Purpose-driven campaigns now appeal to the emotions of consumers even more, thanks largely to the impact of...
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User-generated Content (UGC) refers to the content that your audience or users create. The most common example would be photos of them using your products or services. Relying on user-generated content is the best way to reach millennials, as they see it as creating an authentic buying experience. Combine that with the fact that 74%...
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When Instagram released Instagram Live for everyone, there was a lot of excitement about it, and many brands creators found a new tool for their business. But what is Instagram Live Room?  An Instagram Live Room is an event — usually organised by an influencer or brand. As a social media marketing tool, its purpose...
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Instagram recently added a new feature, Live Rooms, to the popular app that allows creators to host live streams with up to four other guests. This “Live” function on the app follows the booming popularity of Clubhouse, an exclusive invitation-only social networking app on iPhone that establishes a direct communication link through audio chat in...
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January 2022