PolicyStreet, a regional insurtech company, partners with Direct Lending, a digital lending marketplace platform, to unveil DirectCare+, an embedded personal accident microtakaful with a loan protection feature. DirectCare+ stands as PolicyStreet’s inaugural microtakaful product offering, solidifying PolicyStreet’s position as the first home-grown insurtech to embark on such a venture. This new microtakaful insurance is set...
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Kumpulan Modal Perdana (KMP), a government-owned tech-focused VC, announced today their successful investment in SmartRetail, a leading AI computer vision profiling solutions and consumer engagement advertising technologies platform. The startup’s funding round is also joined by two strategic investors LMI Group Inc., one of the largest retail solutions providers in Japan, and MCP Group, one...
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akaBot, the TOP 20 worldwide RPA solutions ranked by Gartner, announced a new end-to-end automation solution to manage the mandatory e-invoice processing required by businesses in Malaysia. The announcement came during the second C-talk event hosted by akaBot, where they showcased their new solution for e-invoice issuing and processing, tailored specifically for Malaysian businesses.  With...
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localised marketing
Localised marketing strategy is key for businesses thriving in today’s globalised and interconnected world, as it allows them to expand their operations and resonates with audiences across multiple markets. The UOB Business Outlook Study 2023 (Regional) unveiled that over 80% of businesses in Southeast Asia and Greater China are looking to penetrate global markets in...
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branding for startups in Malaysia
Branding for startups in Malaysia is crucial for standing up in a competitive and culturally diverse market. Malaysia looks to be the future startup hub in Southeast Asia. The Malaysian government has been supporting startups and has also shown its interest by developing the Malaysian Startup Ecosystem Roadmap (SUPER) from 2021 – 2030 to make...
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Singapore’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem thrives on innovation and ambition. With numerous government grants and support initiatives available, taking your business to the next level seems achievable. But with so many options, the sheer abundance can be overwhelming. This guide aims to simplify your journey by providing a clear overview of key grants and their crucial...
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media invites
Media invites can make or break an event and it is important to understand the craft of creating a compelling invite because events offer a powerful platform to enhance brand visibility and engagement.  Securing media coverage, particularly from local outlets, can dramatically amplify the impact of your event. Poor media attendance can lead to gaps...
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meals in minutes
Malaysian-based food startup, Meals in Minutes, today announced that it has successfully secured USD 1.5 million in a seed round led by an early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator, 500 Global, with participation from a private investor. This fresh round of capital will fuel Meals in Minutes’s growth across Malaysia and Singapore, including establishing a...
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media list
PR professionals are responsible for obtaining media coverage for their clients and companies. For PR pros, it is all about getting the story and the brand’s name to the right demographics without spending a fortune on marketing and advertising. The first step in obtaining media coverage is to create a targeted media list. PR professionals...
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AI video content
Is it worth looking into AI video content for startups and SMEs in Singapore, Malaysia and beyond? The short answer is- if you want to grow your business, then yes. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for the last two decades. However, it has advanced remarkably in the past few years, particularly in media like...
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