Surabhi Pandey
User-generated content (UGC) has emerged as a potent force driving engagement, authenticity, and trust in brand communications. UGC, as the term implies, is a form of content that is shared by a brand’s consumers on digital platforms. It is highly effective, with the Asia Pacific market for UGC platforms forecasting a market growth of 26.3%...
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AI in PR and Marketing
Technology is advancing at a rate faster than we can often understand. The global AI market size alone is predicted to grow to an impressive $407 billion by 2027 compared to its 2022 revenue size of $86.9 billion, an exponential increase that businesses can no longer ignore in 2024. While there is still much scepticism...
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food festival
Flavours of Tomorrow Festival is redefining food by pushing the boundaries of Singaporeans’ gastronomic journey through the first-of-its-kind two-day food festival to be held on 20 and 21 January 2024 at Singapore Science Park. The festival will introduce a mouthwatering array of dishes that not only tantalise the senses but also drive a positive impact...
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Should you use Instagram reels for brand growth in 2024 and beyond? The short answer is- yes! In today’s fast-paced social media landscape, grabbing attention and building a loyal following for companies is harder than ever. However, there is a secret weapon that brands can leverage on Instagram: reels. These short, engaging videos offer brands...
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AI English Writing Platform
Literatu, a Singapore-based edtech company is working to customise and integrate its AI English writing solution, Scribo AI with Singapore’s national online learning portal, Student Learning Space (SLS) which is accessible by all primary and secondary school teachers and students in Singapore. In September the MOE announced its Transforming Education Through Technology (EdTech) Master Plan...
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ethics in PR and content
How important are ethics in PR and content? We often say that words matter, and they do, and because public communication can be powerful and influential, those communicating must adhere to certain ethical guidelines. Any successful relationship, whether it be with clients, partners, investors, media, or community, is built on trust. As a matter of...
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webinar in 2023
The marketing landscape has evolved significantly over the years, and today, engaging with your virtual audience effectively is crucial. Companies have learned to invest more in content and digital marketing as a result, with virtual events such as webinars becoming an essential part of their marketing strategies. In fact, as a buyer’s journey is completed...
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content and brand strategy
By understanding the importance of creating content that aligns with your overall brand strategy, you can effectively communicate your message and achieve your marketing goals. In this article, we explore five key indicators to determine the relevance of content to your brand strategy.
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Traveltech Startup ZUZU Hospitality
Traveltech startup ZUZU Hospitality announces raising USD 9 million Series B2 round led by SoftBank Ventures Asia.
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Cassandra Ong CEO and Founder of OtterHalf
OtterHalf, a remote-based global marketing consulting firm, recently announced its launch with the goal of helping growth-stage tech businesses.
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April 2024