thought leadership
When starting a business, many entrepreneurs have consistently understood that thought leadership is a powerful tool to gain a competitive edge. The Edelman-LinkedIn research study on thought leadership has proven that. 88% of decision-makers shared how thought leadership content influenced their trust in a business in 2017, and that figure slightly increased to 89% in...
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branding for startups in Singapore
Branding for startups in Singapore is crucial in the nation’s competitive landscape. Singapore’s startup ecosystem has flourished in recent years to become the 8th best in the world, which has resulted in a competitive landscape for new businesses looking to establish themselves. 77% of consumers rely on brand familiarity to shape their purchasing decisions, emphasising...
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Crimson Education, a leading university admissions consultancy, proudly announces that the 2024 Crimson Access Opportunity (CAO) scheme is now open for applications from 1 February. The CAO program is designed to offer exceptionally talented students in the Philippines free access to Crimson’s esteemed admissions assistance into top universities in the United States (US). Studying in...
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social media
In 2023, We Are Social reported 5.08 million active social media users in Singapore, a staggering 84.7% of the population. With most Singaporean consumers owning at least one social media account, social media platforms present a valuable opportunity for businesses to strengthen their affinity with their audience and maintain competitiveness.  There is a vast array...
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influencer marketing campaign
If you run or own a business, small or big, you cannot ignore leveraging an influencer marketing campaign for growth in 2024 and beyond. In today’s dynamic digital landscape, influencer marketing has emerged as a powerhouse strategy, leveraging social media personalities’ reach and influence to promote products or services. With 61% of consumers relying on...
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June 2024