Social Media
Did you know there are over 4.2 billion daily email users, and brands make an average of $36 for every US dollar they spend on email marketing? These staggering statistics underscore the enduring impact of email marketing, which will continue to be a powerful and cost-effective tool for businesses seeking to convert leads in 2024....
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social media tools for pr professionals
Should PR professionals care about social media tools? The short answer is yes! Public relations professionals are multitaskers, storytellers, and media gurus. Behind every successful and effective PR professional is an array of tools designed to simplify their work. When we say “PR tool,” we mean any program, technology, or app PR professionals can use...
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TikTok influencers
Should you engage TikTok influencers for your upcoming digital PR campaigns? Traditionally, businesses looking to connect with an audience to build brand presence used physical methods like handing out pamphlets or flyers, to setting up booths at exhibitions, both requiring extensive manpower and financial resources. However, in recent years,  times have changed dramatically, allowing businesses...
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use LinkedIn for leads
How to use LinkedIn for leads? Lead generation can undoubtedly be highly beneficial to organisations of all sizes. To have paying clients, you must generate a steady stream of leads. However, generating leads is more complex than one may imagine. In truth, it takes a great deal of skill and a lot of time. But...
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Threads for PR
Threads for PR and social media campaigns: should you consider it? Lots of changes have hit the social media sphere since Elon Musk took over Twitter and rebranded it to X. Recently, Elon Musk suggested that he might want to start charging a subscription fee to use X bringing about a wave of uncertainty about...
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tiktok for business
Over the past recent years, TikTok has made a name for itself as one of the most used social media platforms, with over 246 million downloads globally in the first quarter of 2023 alone. Known for being the hub of viral content and for having a vibrant user base, TikTok has quickly become a valuable...
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We share how to create a social media strategy for your brand, based on our experience helping brands in Singapore, Malaysia & more grow their online community
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facebook groups for business blog banner
Facebook groups, not to be confused with Facebook pages, are a much more intimate way to attract new customers while engaging with existing ones. Here's a quick guide.
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We explore social video marketing and how it can be leveraged for business growth and scalability.
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It can be incredibly intimidating to stay on top of your brand’s social media accounts. It is easy for something small to slip between the cracks. That is particularly true if you schedule different types of content on various accounts, all on different days. Using a social media management tool lets you stay organised and...
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December 2023