Dorcas Lee
In the age of search engines, it’s safe to say that without some sort of online presence, businesses stand to lose out. Did you know that 49% of users use Google to discover a new product or service?  We all know a thing or two about Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. More commonly,...
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Nobody wakes up and decides to mess up but it happens.  Good crisis management is about handling your blunder the right way once the damage is done. Every day, businesses pummel in value over the way they manage crises or the lack of it. Especially in times of pandemic and political tension, brands run the...
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As the internet diminishes distances virtually and brings us closer together, the human touch has ironically become somewhat of a scarcity. Telling a compelling story could help you, as a brand, fulfil the basic human need for interaction by communicating as more than just a faceless entity. Powerful storytelling is often easier said than done....
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Everyone’s on Facebook. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of 2020, Facebook has grown to represent the perfect marketplace for businesses to find a favourable audience for their brand. The social media giant has surely revolutionized the way that digital marketing is done, and will continue to do so. The constant changing algorithms...
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You often hear that content is king. Modern businesses, big or small, rely on a plethora of content that is curated to connect with a relevant audience. Though are startups and SMEs using content marketing to scale? Startups generally have a love-hate relationship with content marketing; it costs about 62% less than traditional marketing to...
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October 2020