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Here are 2023's most efficient employee time-tracking software based on our research and what is popular in the current market around the world.
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Lessons on Public Relations Let’s take a look at 2021’s PR disasters
Even the best, most well-organised businesses in the world should prepare for potential PR disasters and scandals. We are all human, and mistakes get made. Last year there was no shortage of PR blunders from various big-name international and local brands.  It is sometimes unavoidable to mess up, but every marketing or PR disaster has...
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When it comes to sharing your brand story, one of the ways is to use a press release newswire or PR newswire, but is that the right choice for your PR strategy?
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7 books about PR to read right now (2)
We share 7 books about PR, which we think are a great way for you to learn about public relations and up your game in the industry.
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We break down what is public relations so that you can explain it to your CEO, because that can be a challenge for many PR executives.
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No matter the PR strategy, creating newsworthy content is crucial. This is just as true when writing a guest article for a client as it is when pitching a story. However, it can be challenging to come up with newsworthy content in PR. While newsworthiness may seem subjective, there are a few tried and true...
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It can be incredibly intimidating to stay on top of your brand’s social media accounts. It is easy for something small to slip between the cracks. That is particularly true if you schedule different types of content on various accounts, all on different days. Using a social media management tool lets you stay organised and...
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User-generated Content (UGC) refers to the content that your audience or users create. The most common example would be photos of them using your products or services. Relying on user-generated content is the best way to reach millennials, as they see it as creating an authentic buying experience. Combine that with the fact that 74%...
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It is widely known that well-run PR campaigns are beneficial to a business. The first step to launching a successful campaign is understanding why you are doing this in order to get to the hows. So what exactly is the purpose of a PR campaign? What is a PR campaign?  The term PR is understood...
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This article is part of our series Watercooler Chat, where the SYNC PR team shares insights and opinions from their experience in the industry. Ask anyone in the PR industry and they’ll tell you that the path to good publicity is often paved with obstacles. For businesses, it can be quite a challenge when it...
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October 2023