We discuss public relations for Malaysian SMEs and how it is important as a growth tool for business in the market and how it helps them grow in the market.
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Taking the headache out of bizSAFE Certification, how ExpertRA’s digital tools make it easy for SMEs to generate and customise their bizSAFE documentation
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Local Malaysian company Verdant Solar becomes Malaysia’s largest residential solar provider and is awarded the Malaysia Book of Records recognition.
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Leading tech consulting firm Searce Inc appoints new Head of Business for JAPAC strengthening their position across the region. Congrats to Rahul Shah.
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We explain what is tech PR and how it relates to your business. Also, do you need help in choosing tech PR agency? We have you covered with our article.
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BTL Aesthetics Introduces “Celebrating Authenticity” Campaign Featuring their Revolutionary HIFEM® Technology
BTL Aesthetics Introduces the “Celebrating Authenticity” Campaign Featuring their Revolutionary HIFEM® Technology with top aesthetic doctors in Malaysia
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Many people who do not work in the communications field don’t fully understand the difference between PR and marketing. While they are two aspects of a company that work for hand in hand and overlap, they are two distinct disciplines.   PR is the process of identifying, anticipating, and managing public opinion. Marketing is the process...
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Copywriting is an art and a science, and good copywriters are heavily sought after by many companies. A good copywriter would be able to condense your brand story into short, succinct paragraphs, in a very compelling and readable manner. Also, the sky’s the limit, when it comes to creativity. What do you need to take...
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How to write content that adds value to your customer
What is the definition of good writing? What are some characteristics of a good post? In this article, we’re focusing on what it means to write a good piece of content for your business, primarily for use online. Good content posts have a lot in common, and they should be able to help the reader...
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October 2023