February 15, 2019
Who’s got time to write a blog post, especially when you’re a busy entrepreneur? You do actually, so take 30 minutes out of your day at least twice a week to pen down your thoughts. This isn’t a joke or a scam, because it really is possible to draft a blog in about 30 minutes...
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When startups scale their business, it is essential to make sure your employees join you on that journey, rather than leave them behind. Beyond memos and slack messages, most communication depends on what your employees hear and observe. I have spent the last six years working with startups to help them with their communication strategy...
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A common mistake most startups make is looking at PR as a necessary evil rather than a genuinely effective business growth tool. Working in PR for over a decade has thought me a couple of things or two about helping businesses scale, but showcasing that value to entrepreneurs is a bit of a challenge. You...
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Before we get into the article about reaching Generation Z, let’s first figure out what that generation is all about. According to Tech Target, here’s what it all means: Generation Z is the demographic cohort following Generation Y, also known as the Millennials or the Millennial Generation; other names suggested for the cohort include iGeneration (iGen),...
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When we think about public relations there’s a misconception that it is useful for only a couple of things – brand awareness and limited customer acquisition. This is equivalent to looking at your brand new smartphone as a paperweight or a torchlight – while not totally incorrect, it is a complete waste of opportunity. Now...
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Public relations (better known as PR) is often mistakenly seen as talking a lot and making friends with journalists so you can get your client into the news. First of all, this isn’t PR. Secondly, getting coverage is barely 10% of what PR people really do. There is honestly so much more to PR than...
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February 2019