One of the best ways to kickstart your business is to create a publicly accessible website. Fortunately for struggling entrepreneurs, there are a lot of free or affordable platforms that make it easy to do this, like Wix or WordPress.

Before you start envisioning programmable bots and a strong underlying CMS, maybe focus on what’s important – branding and growth. For approximately $10 a year, you can host a website with your own domain name, which makes it look a lot more professional. Anything that ends …wordpress.com, or similar, isn’t gaining a lot of trust from visitors.

With a little creativity and the following tools, you’ll soon find a unique .com name for your business. You can use these services to help:

Pro-tip: Once you’ve bought the domain, make sure you grab all the social media handles before someone else does

Be thankful to the drag-and-drop website builders, because there’s no need to be able to code (and they also have a great user community that helps out whenever they can).

To start, just install one of the free themes and create the basic pages you need:

Homepage for your website

What is a homepage? No one really knows to be honest, because it differs according to the person. A simple way to look at homepages for a basic website is to focus on the following:

  • A summary of your product or service offerings
  • Highlights of your benefits
  • How you’re different from your competitors

It is essential to use language that appeals to the emotions of your customer and have a clear call to action that converts a visitor to a customer. The first step is when they fill in an email address or schedule a meeting, send you an email and so on.

About Page

A summary of your business, who you are, what makes you different. It is essential to put in a bit of effort here, as many customers want to know what your business does in the shortest time possible, so a good “about us” page keeps real customers on your website.


Here we have a simple page full of answers to frequently asked questions.

Not only does answering these questions help to reduce unnecessary queries, it helps with SEO, allows you to guide people on what they should be asking, and helps educate users.


This is essential folks. It really is worth the effort. This is a group of articles that offers value to readers while showing off your industry knowledge and authority. It helps improve SEO, educates consumers, and helps with converting visitors to customers.

Because you may not have the money to spend on online advertising to attract site visitors, you’ll be relying mainly on organic search. A regularly updated blog that will help you climb Google Search rankings, which will push organic traffic back to your website.

Find out more about content marketing and blogging here

Contact Us

An email portal, phone number, or anything that will make it easy for visitors to get in touch.


How that you’ve got the bare bones of your small business’s website in place, focus on images to transform its look and feel. Your website will seem more professional if you use your own custom pictures when you can afford photography, but there are tons of free images is available from Unsplash and Pexels.

To find out more about getting your brand story out to your customers, contact us at [email protected] and a SYNC consultant will provide a free consultation.

Last updated 5 June 2020.

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