September 2023
B2B vs B2C marketing
Marketing your brand requires an extensive understanding of your audience to personalise your strategies and tactics to best attract your target market, and that means a clear understanding of B2B vs B2C marketing. It is important that B2B and B2C companies have different ways of marketing their businesses. While their different approaches to marketing may...
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sustainability in PR
In today’s world, public relations (PR) isn’t just about getting your message out there; it’s also about making a positive impact. One way to do that is through sustainability. But what exactly is the role of sustainability in PR, and why should you care about it?  First things first, what is sustainability in PR? Sustainability...
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Threads for PR
Threads for PR and social media campaigns: should you consider it? Lots of changes have hit the social media sphere since Elon Musk took over Twitter and rebranded it to X. Recently, Elon Musk suggested that he might want to start charging a subscription fee to use X bringing about a wave of uncertainty about...
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media pitch
Writing a media pitch may seem like a straightforward task. However, in reality, it is more maze-like than expected, as only 3 to 5 per cent of pitches are proven to be fruitful. The current circumstances in the media and communications industry are not in favour of PR either – with numerous media outlets letting...
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remote PR
The public relations sector (PR) was not exempt from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which fundamentally changed how businesses and industries operated. In 2020, working remotely became the new normal in order to adhere to strict regulations and maintain safety within the local community. PR efforts also had to turn remote, with physical media...
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what PR is
Public relations (PR) is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike, with the global PR market anticipated to be worth USD 129 billion by 2025. However, there are common misconceptions about what PR entails, which may prevent businesses from benefiting from it. In this article, let us explore what PR is and more importantly, what...
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Outsourcing PR
Before we examine if outsourcing PR is worth it, let us understand what PR actually means and why it is important for businesses. Public relations (PR) is all about managing the public’s view of a person, product, or organisation.  This includes developing a brand identity, establishing media connections, and managing communications. Public relations can build...
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September 2023