No matter the PR strategy, creating newsworthy content is crucial. This is just as true when writing a guest article for a client as it is when pitching a story. Despite its importance, it can be challenging to come up with newsworthy content in PR. The following tips will help you sharpen your news sense...
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Incorporating a hint of kindness into your social media campaign can make a significant difference. Most people have known for years that when you align yourself with a good cause, you will notice a boost in positive engagement. Purpose-driven campaigns now appeal to the emotions of consumers even more, thanks largely to the impact of...
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In the past, brands used to only engage in social listening as a response. However, in today’s world, where the consumer is largely opinionated, it’s crucial for businesses to constantly be on the lookout for social data. What Is Social Listening? Social listening is the process of monitoring and analysing what is being said about...
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The internet’s first personal data collectors were websites and applications. Now, consumer data is used to deliver targeted advertising and content, leading to higher returns. By tracking users’ activities online, marketers are able to analyse, enquire about and understand their audience. More recently, intelligent technology in physical products has allowed companies in many industries to collect...
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An increasingly content-polluted marketing environment paired with a murky distinction between authenticity and puffery can make it hard for brands to really resonate with their audience. This is where developing a brand point of view brings something to the table.   What is a brand point of view?   A brand is created with itself in mind;...
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In a new era where everything is digitized and at the touch of your fingertips, brands are now realising that it takes a lot more than being a content creator or digital enthusiast to be taken seriously. It is no wonder why Search Engine Optimization is the new gold mine in this current digital marketing...
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When I first decided to start my own business – a PR agency – I envisioned a sleek office decorated in steam-punk fashion with a huge reception to give people a sense of wonder whenever they came over for a meeting. I worked out the budget and put together a hiring plan that included a...
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July 2021