8 tips for good video editing by a video editor for your Singapore business
We have our video editor put together some tips for good video editing that would be helpful for brands to kickstart their video content journey.
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This article is part of our series Watercooler Chat, where the SYNC PR team shares insights and opinions from their experience in the industry Often when I tell people I work in “PR,” they give me a blank stare and I know exactly what they’re thinking: what the heck does that mean? I don’t blame...
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In this modern world, the closest you’d be able to get to reading people’s mind (realistically) is through social listening. Perhaps this trait might be one that can be rather questionable in your personal life, but the business benefits of being able able to listen to public opinion are innumerable. Doing this manually can sometimes...
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Media coverage plays a quintessential role in public relations (PR).  It not only enables you to heighten your brand awareness, but also your credibility. The very first step to getting media coverage for your business is to decide who your target audience is and which media type you should use to reach them. Amongst the...
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Edward Bernays, one of the most prolific writers in the field of public relations, was a strong proponent of the notion that PR should be categorised as a Science.  The notion evoked a pandemonium of mixed responses, mainly by those who were of the belief that PR is an art form. This happened in the...
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A research feature done by the Ministry of Trade & Industry of Singapore reveals that though the impact of COVID-19 has been significant, there are bright spots in the economy with the rise in demand for online sales and services. However, how the economy performs in the remaining quarters of the year will largely depend...
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As PR professionals and marketers navigate the complex new paradigms of the new normal, and social interactions remain largely in the digital realm, social media platforms like Instagram become an inevitable destination for audiences. Companies have started exploring the possibility of influencer marketing in which social media influencers generate content to help market the company’s products...
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In a recent survey conducted by Engagerocket, 9 in 10 employees revealed that they wish to continue working from home, and in line with this, employee visibility software Prodoscore has tracked a 47% increase in worker productivity, post-lockdown.  With these astounding statistics, it is no surprise that remote work is here to stay for the...
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The fine art of writing and pitching a story to impress upon another is often something that PR professionals spend years perfecting through research and relationship building. While there may not be any hard and fast rules, there are some basic do’s and don’ts of writing a media pitch. This article oversees the techniques of...
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December 2022