This article is part of our series Watercooler Chat, where the SYNC PR team shares insights and opinions from their experience in the industry. The advent of social media has made it hard to keep up.  I don’t just mean this in the context of our personal lives, but also in our work as PR...
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The COVID-19 crisis has far-reaching effects across different aspects of society, including the way we work. With no end to the pandemic insight, companies all around the world have requested or mandated that employees stay away from their offices, thereby triggering a work-from-home experiment en masse. What will this mean for the modern-day employee? And...
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As we enter 2020, the battle for gender equality in the workplace still needs to march on. The Economist’s 2019 Glass Ceiling Index (GCI) suggests that progress for women in the workplace has stalled. Unfortunately, this is in the backdrop of the #MeToo movement. The lack of female representation in top managerial positions still persists...
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I finally had some time to watch Black Mirror and I watched the episode, ‘Smithereens’ in Season 5 and there was this one segment that had me, as someone in PR and brand communications, laughing a little too hard. Source: Black Mirror / Netflix The wonderful Andrew Scott plays Chris, a man who blames himself...
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At the 2nd Conference on Entrepreneurial Cognition at the Ivey Business School in the Canadian fall of 2005, researchers and scholars gathered together and proffered the one integrated question that exists as an entry point for all other research in the field: How do entrepreneurs think? This question is deceptively simple. It is a beginning...
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Last night, I went to watch a local theatre production and I happened to be introduced to someone from the tech industry who attended the same show as well. He worked in a robotics start-up in the USA and told me how he wished he and his start-up colleagues were like the actors on stage....
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June 2024