Singapore’s first senior co-living facility, Red Crowns Senior Living, joins the government’s Shared Stay-in Senior Care services sandbox

Red Crowns Senior Living, Singapore’s first senior co-living company, today announced its inclusion in the “Shared Stay-in Senior Care Services” sandbox. The regulatory sandbox is a collaborative effort from the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) aimed at developing forward-thinking policies around foreign stay-in care for the elderly. Red Crowns is a social enterprise under the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE

With Singapore’s population ageing rapidly where 18.4% of the population consists of individuals aged 65 years and above in 2022, there is now a pressing need for the ministry and the private sector to work collaboratively to provide better care support for these elderly. As such, the pilot programme was designed with the aim of exploring new models of care provided by the private sector that can widen the range of senior care services solutions offered in Singapore. Additionally, for senior co-living spaces to provide round-the-clock support for the seniors, the sandbox will also explore the feasibility and viability of models where migrant workers (MWs) provide stay-in care for the seniors. 

Mitigating existing manpower challenges to provide the best care support

Red Crowns has since been actively involved in the discussion of the development of the sandbox with the respective policymakers to help them better understand the challenges faced as a senior co-living space service provider. As such, some of the newly discussed features of the sandbox include allowing companies to hire male and female MWs, increasing work permit quota, developing effective ways to track the work hours of MWs and recognising higher-skilled status amongst MWs. 

“We are proud to have supported the regulators in developing the first-of-its-kind innovative model.  Our goal remains the same and we remain committed to effectively solving the challenges faced by senior co-living spaces. We are thankful to be working with a government that is adaptable and more importantly, willing to listen to the needs of its people and work with them to develop a new paradigm. Through this sandbox, Red Crowns will continue on its journey to becoming the preferred care provided in the community we serve and look forward to continuing to support the government’s efforts into developing proper standards that best suit our elderly population,” said Joshua Goh, the founder and CEO of Red Crowns Seniors Living

Community support spurred change

The new innovative model that was pioneered by Red Crowns in 2021 gained strong support from the community and foundations in Singapore. 129 Red Crowns’s clients lent their support through a petition and the company received 30 testimonials written by family members of the seniors to endorse the innovative model by Red Crowns. This further highlighted the trust and effectiveness of the new model. 

Red Crowns also received endorsement and grants from well-established foundations in Singapore, including DBS Foundation.

“We are extremely thankful to our loyal supporters for giving us the strength and opportunity to continue to provide this innovative solution to them. We will continue to improve our services and develop our digital platform, Retiregenie, to bring the service to more seniors and their families. We are also actively looking for ways to bring the cost of our care services down where we are able to make our solution more affordable and accessible,’ mentioned Joshua. 

Following its successful onboarding of the Singapore government’s “Shared Stay-in Senior Care Services” sandbox, Red Crowns is currently looking at expanding with external investments. As of today, Red Crowns have served 250 clients with the capacity to provide 150 beds at once. 

For more information on Red Crowns, visit its website at www.redcrowns.co/


About Red Crowns

Red Crowns Senior Living is the first senior co-living company in Singapore. They take pride in knowing that they have helped thousands of people overcome life’s most trying times to realize moments of triumph. Red Crowns is a social enterprise under the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE and seeks to provide a unique solution as part of the Many Helping Hands approach in addressing the challenge of an ageing demographic. They recently launched retireGENIE, a marketplace and concierge service for elderly coliving, to meet the diverse needs of senior citizens across the country.

Website: www.redcrowns.co/

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