4 great reasons why you should repurpose content on your website

Why you should repurpose content on your website

Let’s assume that we all have some form of digital content either as a website, YouTube channel or a few social media channels. One thing that we always do is repurpose content from our website for our socials and even decks to clients.

There are many reasons why this is important, not least of all, it is just optimizing what you already have. Let us explain why we do this.

What is digital content?

Everything that can be considered content and is online is called digital content
Everything that can be considered content and is online is called digital content

First, let’s identify some of these terms.

Blog posts, videos, social media posts, press releases, infographics, lists, galleries, case studies, how-to guides, testimonials, newsletters, interviews, research, white papers, webinars, competitions, presentations, and podcasts are all examples of digital content.

The type of content you create will be determined by how effectively you can reach your target audiences and the outcomes you want to achieve.

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Identify your goals when you repurpose content

When you consider how much digital content is already available in its various forms, you may wonder why you are devoting so much time and energy to developing ‘brand new’ content ideas.

You may feel compelled to create content based on ‘new’ or ‘unique’ ideas because you believe this is the best way to gain the attention and results you seek. While it is true that developing new stories to tell the world about your company opens doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and customers, it is not your only path to success.

Whether you’re trying to educate, entertain, persuade, or convert your target audience, the content you create must be designed to effectively convey the intended messages while also positioning your company at the centre of relevant conversations.

To accomplish this, your content must be relevant, of sufficient quality, and visible.

So, let’s just straight into the 4 reasons why you should repurpose content on your website for socials and other forms of digital content.

1. It saves you a whole load of time

If your goal is to maximise positive engagement with existing and potential customers, you won’t be making the best use of your resources if you spend all of your time creating brand-new digital content.

Refreshing previously created content or adapting content created by someone else and making it your own will often provide you with the majority of the benefit for a fraction of the time invested.

2. Helps with SEO, a lot

We can actually take your content and help get you backlinks if it is good
We can actually take your content and help get you backlinks if it is good

Anyone interested in making the best use of digital content to drive search traffic and win customers should prioritise making existing content work harder than creating new content.

If you take this approach, you will not only have a greater amount and variety of content at your disposal, but you will also be able to use the time to connect existing content on-site with new content off-site.

You will gain more valuable follow links when you adapt an existing blog post into a press release because you will be able to link your story back to your original long-form blog.

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3. Blogs are already a lot of work, why not maximise them?

You may already have a blog, case study, or data-driven research that can be developed into new content for other channels or serve as the foundation for a new campaign that can reach out to new audiences.

Blogs are a great place to start with content marketing because they are a repository for stories that are intended to influence potential customers in some way. With blogs as an example of longer-form content, it is relatively simple to extract key messages and repackage them as shorter-form content for social channels.

Yes, when we repurpose content from our blogs, it looks just like this
Yes, when we repurpose content from our blogs, it looks just like this

At SYNC, we turned this blog about digital marketing trends in Singapore into an infographic for social media and also references for digital content such as guest posts and more.

4. You can use your content to sell in different ways

When it comes to selling your value, case studies and testimonials are highly sought after. Case studies and testimonials are similar in that they both tell their own stories, but what sets them apart from most other content is that they highlight your business expertise.

Recognize your strengths and repurpose a case study or testimonial as new content for your website, or reach out to relevant media to position yourself as a thought leader. Make your case study into a standalone blog post or develop an e-book based on that case study.

Do you repurpose content on your website?

Do you use your existing content wisely? Maybe you’re stuck because it takes you time that you don’t have and can be a challenge to identify opportunities to repurpose content into things that actually work.

Drop us a message at hello(@)syncpr.co and we can help. One of our consultants will get back to you within 24 hours.

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