Why you should leverage TikTok influencers for your digital PR campaigns

TikTok influencers

Should you engage TikTok influencers for your upcoming digital PR campaigns?

Traditionally, businesses looking to connect with an audience to build brand presence used physical methods like handing out pamphlets or flyers, to setting up booths at exhibitions, both requiring extensive manpower and financial resources. However, in recent years,  times have changed dramatically, allowing businesses to better and easily connect with their target audience across the globe. 

The invention of social media platforms made it easier not only for individuals to connect with their friends, but also for brands to connect with their target audience. Platforms like TikTok enables the user to enjoy a wide range of content that has been highly personalised to their likes and interest. As of 2023, there are 1.7B users on TikTok, and it is predicted that the numbers will not stop growing anytime soon. As such, brands can easily connect with the right target audience through a single video or post on platforms such as TikTok, driving a greater impact on the message brands want to send. 

TikTok influencers

This shift has brought about a notable change in various industries, including public relations (PR). PR has traditionally been closely linked to the media, involving the management of relationships between clients and the media, as well as continuous monitoring of client communications. All PR professionals must recognise the significance of utilising TikTok and TikTok influencers in their digital PR campaigns

The days of using paper and expending so much effort are gone; now, a single video or image can achieve the same results. Let us explore how TikTok influencers are the way to go in engaging the current audiences why businesses should make the most of this opportunity, and most importantly, for growth.

Why TikTok influencers are the way to go for digital PR campaigns?

TikTok is a social media platform that has taken the world by storm ever since the pandemic when everybody was isolated and had to work remotely. The app’s 15-second to 10-minute increments have been used for so much social media content such as life hacks, makeup tutorials, day-to-day vlogs, and many more- it is a platform where creativity knows no bounds. 

Before the advent of TikTok, the majority of PRs relied on paid advertising through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, in today’s landscape, TikTok influencers, as well as prominent figures on both a local and global scale, can significantly contribute to the success of digital PR campaigns. According to a study, 78 per cent of TikTok users have made purchases or started following a brand because of influencers.

This proves that featuring them in social media campaigns enables you to quickly garner a substantial number of likes, comments, and shares. You can enlist their support for promoting hashtags, participating in campaigns, attending events, or endorsing products, and they will create creative TikTok videos tailored to your PR objectives.

A great example of leveraging influencers can be seen from the well-known wholesale supermarket Walmart, which partners with micro-celebrities, influencers, and other content creators to share their Walmart experiences using the hashtag #GotItAtWalmart. This strategy fosters a community of users and loyal customers who choose to shop at Walmart. 

Hence, it is beneficial for PRs to allocate a bulk of their budget to engage with top stars and influencers, to drive social media engagement, and to attract diverse audiences to their official TikTok account. 

Trust the TikTok algorithm 

Were you aware that the TikTok algorithm automatically delivers content to individuals who share similar interests, eliminating the need for them to actively seek relevant content? The algorithm determines the content displayed on your “For You Page”, but how does this work and why is it so accurate? The TikTok algorithm emphasises a few key factors: engagement, user interactions, video details, and device settings.

That is, the reason why you are seeing a mix of familiar and new content, tailored precisely to your preferences, is because the algorithm monitors your interactions, the accounts you follow, your location, and language preferences, and gives higher visibility to videos with a substantial number of likes, shares, and saves. Remarkably, 32.4 per cent of TikTok users worldwide use the app to stay updated with current events, and 40 per cent prefer TikTok over Google for information searches.

This shows that TikTok is an exceptional marketing tool in today’s landscape. But how can you harness its potential for your growth? Our tip: always make sure to use trending TikTok audios, experiment with new features, use relevant hashtags, and engage with creators who share your niche. However, grasping the TikTok algorithm and following these tips is not the sole essential aspect for improving your visibility. Maintaining consistency and establishing a strong brand presence are equally vital.

Jump on trends with TikTok influencers and do not overthink it

TikTok’s popularity heavily relates to the fast-paced and ever-changing trends from all around the world. These trends typically involve music, dance challenges, experimenting with unconventional food pairings, re-enacting humorous sketches, and crafting memes that resonate with the general public. Many PRs and marketers often seize the opportunity to leverage trending songs as inspiration for their creative interpretations.

To stay relevant, PRs must consistently monitor trending music, hashtags, videos, and challenges to ensure that their content aligns with the current TikTok landscape. This strategic approach ensures that their content resonates effectively with the online community, riding the wave of ongoing trends. 

Considering the time required for concept development, planning, filming, editing, and approval, you might wonder whether this effort is worthwhile. Given the fast-paced nature of TikTok trends, it is crucial for PRs not to take themselves too seriously and to embrace trending themes swiftly. We have witnessed brands go from having hundreds of followers to amassing thousands of followers in just one week by simply jumping on these trends. This approach proves highly effective.

In a nutshell

Overall, TikTok has a significant reach and power to engage with consumers, but you can also take other avenues to launch a successful digital PR campaign. TikTok is a platform that is not a natural fit for many brands, but if you are looking for one that provides you with a massive reach, look no further. 

We have already seen how many brands have successfully used TikTok to grow their brands, but the journey is not easy. Collaborative research and strategic planning with your team are essential for effectively harnessing this platform’s potential. Incorporating TikTok into your PR strategy can yield substantial advantages, but achieving your desired outcomes may require some extra effort and dedication.

We hope this article has provided you with a decent insight into why you need to leverage the power of TikTok. Drop us a line at hello(a)syncpr.co if you’d like to learn more about how TikTok can help you reach a wider range of audience and garner positive growth. Happy TikToking!

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