We speak to Grace Ong from LintraMax

Grace Ong from Lintramax on SYNC B-Sides

In episode 4 of SYNC B-sides, we speak to Grace Ong, Digital Marketing Manager at LintraMax, an agritech company based in Malaysia. Since 2002, LintraMax has gained market recognition in the agriculture industry and has deployed an all-in-one plantation management solution to over 700 estates & farms and 80 palm oil mills in Malaysia, Indonesia, Latin America and Papua New Guinea.

LintraMax has continuously streamlined our clients’ key processes, improving productivity and optimising resources, with cross-functional and vertical value chains from field cultivation to crop processing at mills.

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In this series helmed by SYNC CEO Terng Shing Chen, the conversations are an effort to create and encourage authentic conversations around marketing, communications and growth in Southeast Asia. They cover a variety of topics that are driven by real experiences faced by the interviewee and interviewer.

About Grace Ong from LintraMax

Grace Ong is currently a digital marketing manager for LintraMax, a SAAS company that provides plantation management software solutions such as a cloud-based plantation management system targeting palm oil plantation businesses in Malaysia.

Grace is in charge of developing their digital marketing strategies and handles their overall marketing. The discussion focuses on marketing to traditional industries and how to convince leaders to digitalize their marketing.

Interview synopsis

Grace Ong from Lintramax on SYNC B-Sides
Grace Ong from LintraMax on SYNC B-Sides

Here’s a short breakdown of what we discussed during the interview about agritech, digital marketing for traditional businesses and more.

  • How traditional B2B businesses like those in agriculture can benefit from digital marketing
  • Just how traditional agriculture still is with many in the industry still using pen and paper to maintain records
  • The steep learning curve required to adapt digital marketing solutions to a new industry
  • The different strategies being used for LintraMax in order to reach their target audience
  • How to measure success for industries like agritech

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