Why crypto and blockchain businesses need to use PR in Singapore

Why running a crypto PR and blockchain PR campaign is essential to help your brand excel during these challenging times

Interesting in cryptocurrency and its underlying technology blockchain has been steadily increasing in Southeast Asia, especially in Singapore where some of the largest crypto exchanges have either set up an office (Gemini for example) or have started (Crypto.com). With the ups and downs of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the global advocates like Elon Musk, it is likely that the interest in the industry will continue to rise.

However, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has not been the most supportive of this alternative funding option and recently issued guidelines that limit how crypto (and by extension, some blockchain) companies can advertise their services to Singaporeans.

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Crypto PR and blockchain PR
Crypto PR and blockchain PR are useful ways to build your business in Singapore

To summarise, these companies cannot advertise in public areas or engage third-parties such as social media influencers to promote crypto services in Singapore. They can only market or advertise on their own corporate websites, mobile applications or official social media accounts. Though this may seem harsh, there are still opportunities out there for crypto and blockchain companies to grow their business in Singapore.

One such solution, which we believe is the most effective and efficient is crypto PR or publications for your cryptocurrency company in Singapore.

Why crypto PR and blockchain PR make sense

Based on our reading of the regulations, crypto PR and blockchain PR are both viable solutions that will help business scale without running afoul of the regulators. There is still interest and publications are interesting in covering the news around the industry.

As long as there is interest and an eager market, being able to build a narrative and create stories in the industry is possible in Singapore. This will allow cryptocurrency companies to market within the rules and also, it is a cost-effective way to gain brand awareness and educate the market.

Benefits of crypto PR and blockchain PR

Most of the benefits of PR apply directly to crypto PR and blockchain PR, so it the methodology is tried and tested. To help give you some context, here are some of the most relevant benefits for your business:

  • Education: one of the biggest issues facing the cryptocurrency industry in Singapore is the lack of education for most investors or preconcieved notions about the volatility and issues in the industry. Through a proper PR campaign, you can build a narrative and help normalise conversation around this space.
  • Lead generation: Whether you’re in the B2B or B2C space, PR has been shown to be one of the most cost-effective methods of generating leads sustainably. Through direct referral traffic or as a complement to your digital campaigns, PR can help bring in revenue.
  • Regulator management: to bring about change, you need to engage your stakeholders. PR is probably the best way to engage and speak to regulators through media as a channel. Spark conversation and educate your stakeholders on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.
Crypto PR and blockchain PR
Though blockchain is popular, it is still misunderstood and education is required to become mainstream

Why choose SYNC for your crypto PR and blockchain PR

SYNC prides itself on being an agency that understands the businesses they work with and more importantly, understand how businesses work. This puts us in a good position to provide PR services for businesses, because we know how to implement it in a way that works best for our clients.

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Here’s why you should choose us for your PR outreach:

  • We have experience working in the industry with clients like Coinomo and Bit of Property, and we’ve successfully run campaigns for numerous other blockchain and crypto brands
  • SYNC is an award-winning agency and let’s not be fake humble, we really deserved them
  • SYNC also understands the Singapore market and how it relates to the crypto and blockchain industry. Traditional PR won’t work here, we need to be targeted and focused

If you are interested in working with us, drop us an email at hello(@)syncpr.co and one of our consultants will get back to you soon.

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