There was a time when professionals considered direct marketing as the best way to gain new clients. However, in recent years business owners have noticed the value of content marketing. Statistics from the Content Marketing Institute show that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and is three times more effective. 

It would be best if you thought of content marketing as an umbrella term for a series of marketing techniques, one of which is copywriting. So, what is copywriting, and how can you create compelling content? Welcome to Copywriting 101.

What is copywriting?

In its purest form, copywriting is the art of writing content to advertise a product or service. The text you see on every website or e-commerce store is the copy, and its primary purpose is to convince readers to undertake a purposeful action. 

Many people have the misconception that copywriting is simple, but the fact is it takes a lot of practice. The hardest part of copywriting is that a short text must encapsulate the message you want to send, and conveys the company’s brand identity

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How to create great copy

While copywriting takes a lot of practice, if you follow these tips, you can learn how to create copy that converts.

Write for your audience

Adverts should never be designed for everyone to see because audiences have various wants and needs. For example, if you’re promoting a clothing company that sells products to women of different ages, you need to create adverts that speak to each age group. 

If you’re selling children’s toys, then advertising them on a website teenagers visit isn’t a good idea. However, a newsletter for senior citizens could lead to sales because readers might buy them for their grandchildren. The point is, you should know your audience and how to reach them. 

Copywriters have techniques to write for their audience, but one of the most effective methods is implementing a buyer persona strategy. The Content Marketing Institute has a helpful guide about buyer persona strategy and how to use it.

Convey a clear message 

What are you trying to achieve with your copy? Do you want people to subscribe to your newsletter or make a purchase? There’s a lot to think about when you’re writing sales copy, and many copywriters struggle to find the right balance. 

The most important thing to remember is to convey your message and avoid jargon. Persuasive copy should address a customer’s needs.

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Beat the competition

The best copywriters understand the importance of checking out the competition and seeing what they offer their customers. Doing this can give you a significant advantage and help you stand out. Compare your product or service to your competitors and note what makes you stand out. You can use this information to show customers why they should choose you instead.

What’s in it for me?

While it’s important to put your audience first, you should consider what your goals for each advert are. The copy you create should work towards those goals, which can include: 

  • Generate new leads 
  • Increase sales 
  • Raise brand awareness 

However, you should also tell your customers what’s in it for them. Psychological studies show that people respond well to special offers and discounts. Remember, if you’re a small business owner, you can’t afford to waste your advertising space by not telling your customers what’s in it for them. 

Include a call-to-action

Never underestimate the power of a call-to-action. Your copy isn’t complete unless it encourages readers to take action, and many marketers understand the importance of using the right wording. 

A successful call-to-action tells the reader how you want them to respond to your copy and conveys a sense of urgency. Once a reader is interested in your product, you should aim to get them to make a purchase immediately. Calls-to-actions are an invaluable tool for quick conversions.

The bottom line

If you learn to copywrite, it can give you a distinct edge in your marketing efforts, and set you apart from your competition. Copywriting can be useful for email marketing, social media posts, blogs, and advertisements, so it’s worth investing your time into learning this vital skill.

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