How important is identifying your key brand message as a startup?

The rapid development that startups undergo poses an array of challenges. That’s why creating a strong and recognizable brand message early on can be vital to long-term success. A distinct brand message helps to shape the marketing and business decisions that a startup makes. Whether your price-focused like BestBuy or a high-end brand like Sennheiser, identifying your message is crucial. It helps you find your place within the market and offer products that reflect your brand. 

Companies with a foothold in the market usually possess a well-developed brand message. In contrast, many startups have gained widespread appeal and don’t enjoy the luxury of brand recognition. This is why it is so important to shape their brand’s message as soon as possible. 

We’ve detailed some of the reasons why startups should begin developing their brand’s message from early on.

Establish your identity

Creating your message is the first step to establishing your company’s identity, and it defines your brand’s personality. It lets consumers know what your ideals are and what your company stands for. 

To do this, you must have a core brand promise. Similar to a mission statement, it helps to define your entire business. The core brand promise can help steer the direction of a startup and is a perfect reference point in fast-growing companies. A well-written brand promise is simple but ambitious, and it should also be both memorable and inspiring. Usually, these statements impact everything, from the content a business produces to the products they sell. 

A clear company ethos and direction during periods of rapid change keeps everyone aiming towards the same goal.

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Identify your target audience

A clear brand message enables you to focus on your target audience. Once you have set the tone for your company, you can begin creating personas and use cases. This will allow you to dig deeper into the reasons behind customers wanting to use your band. It provides a way for you to structure your approach to advertising and pricing. Without understanding what your brand is trying to achieve, it can be easy to direct your efforts towards the wrong audience. Having a strong brand message allows you to market your products to the right people. The most successful brands create a story and provide their audience with a reason to buy in.

With a well-established message and a clear understanding of your audience, marketing also becomes easier. You are better able to choose the marketing mediums which fit the profile of your audience. Creating and sharing the content becomes effortless because the channels you have selected are more effective.

Create price points

Companies with a strong message are also able to set higher price points. Strong branding has provided the foundation for some of the most successful companies in the world. Apple has an expert understanding of their target audience and their products. From this, they have been able to wrap their brand in a blanket of innovation and quality. This fundamental understanding of their brand and audience means they can demand the highest prices.

Build brand loyalty

brand loyalty through brand message
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Having a key message enables startups to build brand loyalty early on. Every business aims to try and become synonymous with the industry in which they operate. Think Google for search engines and Whatsapp for messaging. These brands become so pervasive that they are the first names that come to mind within these industries. Having a strong brand identity makes it easier to build long-term brand loyalty. 

Startups like Uber have tried to generate brand loyalty with rewards programs that keep customers engaged. This helps to associate their brand with great value and convenience, which mirrors their slogan “Get there. Your day belongs to you.” In contrast, a weak message can result in fickle customers with no qualms in switching between competitors.

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Differentiate yourself

With excellent branding, you can tell the world what makes you unique and what differentiates your business from the competition. It helps customers understand what your brand has to offer them. Great branding allows enterprises to achieve incredible reach and recognition. Having a core message and sticking to it means you can position yourself uniquely in your industry. Over the long term, it gives your startup a distinct flavour and will increase the value of the company.

Outline your key selling points

Making the benefits of your products clear will influence your audience’s purchasing decisions. Avoiding meaningless slogans and buzzwords let your customers know why they should choose you over the competition.

Clear and concise value propositions allow you to outline and promote your key selling points. On the other hand, brands without a clear message can confuse customers, pushing them to the competition. Take some help from professionals and sign-up for a brand messaging workshop. 

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