In the first post of this series, we established why and how social media marketing can help SMEs and startups scale their business. We discussed the nuances of getting it right and also busted some myths about social media marketing. In this post, let us explore some tips about how to engage people on social media. 

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Know what to share

While it is important to be consistent on social media, it is even more important to know what to share. According to a 2017 Clutch report, original articles, videos, and images are the three most engaging types of content on social media. 

Sharing original content like blogs and articles related to your industry and business creates a buzz around what you do. Articles and blogs perform really well on channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. It also makes you more relevant to the market and adds value to anyone who clicks on that particular post.

We talk about what makes content go viral.

If you don’t have an in-house content team, you can always outsource it. For social media, you can share a mix of original content as well as articles by other publications and industry news relevant to your business along with the original drafts. Short video clips and relevant high-resolution images also do well on social media. For media sharing, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the most suited.

Engage influencers

According to a study by BrizFeel, more than 50% of internet users follow an influencer account on social media. Influencer marketing has evolved to become the go-to medium for lifestyle and entertainment businesses. Engaging a relevant influencer can take your social media marketing game several notches higher.

Recently, Toshiba Carrier Corporation partnered with Singaporean actor Tosh Zhang and Japanese influencer dog Shiba Inu. The campaign aims to spread the message of sustainability and was kickstarted with the launch of the Toshiba YouMe. It is Singapore’s first and only 5-tick low Global Warming Potential Inverter Multi Split air conditioning unit. Companies like Bio Essence and Laundrin Singapore have engaged Singaporean influencer Xia Xue for brand promotions on social media.

From big MNC’s like Toshiba to emerging startups like Laundrin- everyone is engaging influencers to reach out to their existing customers and potential target audience. Depending on a strategically devised message that you want to convey, small businesses can engage an influencer relevant to your domain and your brand message.

What to do with a hashtag

The first hashtag ever used on social media was #barcamp posted by Chris Messina, a product designer and internet consultant. 

After Twitter officially introduced hashtag support in 2007, it has become a household term used frequently in pop culture. “Hashtag” was even included in the Oxford English Dictionary. 

It is a popular element of social media marketing today. It helps users find stories related to a certain topic easily on social media platforms. A hashtag is simple and unique. It looks like this #SYNCPRblogs 

We explore the evolution of how consumers digest content.

Hashtags gained popularity on Twitter but now people can use them on other platforms as well, such as Instagram and Twitter. Facebook added hashtag support in June 2013 but it has not picked up much. However, clicking on Facebook hashtags brings people to a list of posts containing the same hashtag not limited to people they know.

The real question for an entrepreneur is that how can a business benefit from hashtags?

The right place for business owners to use hashtag is Twitter. On an official business account, you can hold contests using hashtags to engage people or host live chats on relevant topics. Another great way of using hashtags on Twitter is while sharing business content using general topic hashtags.

You can do something similar on other platforms like Pinterest.  For example, if you run an online food delivery platform, you can share an image of a popular/most-ordered meal along with a promo code hashtag, say #FridayPromotions

Platforms like Hashtagify.me help you create catchy hashtags relevant to your content or idea. Another great tool you can use is RiteTag. This handy platform gives you instant hashtag suggestions based on real-time data whenever you make a social media post.

Social media marketing is not as simple as it appears to be. With professional assistance and expert support, small businesses and startups can expedite growth.

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This article has been updated on 10 June 2020

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