Wine, creativity and the promise of an undeniable escape through art as Paintblush launches Singapore’s first-ever Sip ‘n’ Paint concept

Paintblush launches in Singapore

Paintblush, an experience-centric art jamming studio, is excited to announce the official launch of Singapore’s first-ever Sip ‘n’ Paint concept.  Unlike a typical art class, these 3-hour sessions will have participants sipping beverages of choice while painting a picture selected from a huge variety of reference images, supervised by an experienced art instructor offering a step-by-step demonstration. 

Though the concept is already heavily popularised in markets such as the United States and Europe, it is still considered a novelty in Southeast Asia. Nonetheless, having experienced the uplifting and stress-relieving experience in Melbourne, photography studio owner, Ashley Low, founded Paintblush with 23-year-old student entrepreneur, Teck Yong, with the goal of curating a uniquely fun and engaging experience that provides people from different walks of life an opportunity to discover a whole new side to the art scene in Singapore.

Paintblush participants get to take their masterpieces home
Paintblush participants get to take their masterpieces home

In addition to the Signature Sip ‘n’ Paint session, patrons can choose from two other types of sessions, namely 1) Non-guided Art Jam and 2) Soft-guided Art Jam, an experience guaranteed to be enjoyed by individuals regardless of their artistic abilities. 

Unleash your inner Picasso to create masterpieces only you can create

Art jamming is an increasingly popular trend amongst individuals and companies alike, as it allows individuals to create art together in a relaxed and creative environment. However, for individuals with little to no art background, traditional unguided or soft-guided art jamming sessions can be rather daunting. They often find themselves either taking a long time to finish their painting as they are fixated on producing the perfect art piece or simply not knowing how or where to begin. 

What people fail to realise is that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ or ‘right’ art piece. Instead, it is all about the artist or painter being able to integrate their unique personality and character into the piece. We are not here to teach, we are here to guide everyone towards infusing their unique interpretation of the chosen image into their painting, and even if participants choose to paint the same picture, their unique take during the process makes all their pieces different and special be it having yellow skies or purple sunflowers,” mentioned Ashley Low, co-founder of Paintblush

A unique way to spend an evening in Singapore with your friends, colleagues and loved ones

Paintblush is a fun and unique experience as a sip n paint studio
Paintblush is a fun and unique experience as a sip ‘n’ paint studio

At Singapore’s first-ever Sip ‘n’ Paint art jamming studio, participants can find themselves immersed in the experience that blends art jamming and drinks with great music playing in the background. In a fun and easy environment where there’s no judgement, participants are encouraged to bring their favourite beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to the session, allowing them to feel more comfortable. Paintblush further elevates their participant’s experience by offering complimentary professional photos taken against their hand-painted backdrop, allowing participants to capture the perfect picture with their masterpiece to share with their friends and loved ones. 

“The ethos of Paintblush lies in eliminating the stress and pressure from painting and allowing participants to be fully immersed in the moment. The feeling of seeing a complete artwork you painted is hugely satisfying and rewarding. More than that, however, is the memorable experience shared with others while dabbling in art and grooving along to a great playlist. This is our new take on marrying different social activities together to provide a unique experience in Singapore and it’s always exciting to see what new pieces get created and taken home,” comments Teck Yong, co-founder of Paintblush.

For more information on Paintblush, visit https://www.paintblush.sg/ today.

About Paintblush

It all began with a love for painting, (some) drinking, chilling and sharing a good laugh with your friends while having fun. 

In Singapore, rarely can you find a place where you can bring your own drinks/food (unless you go for a picnic), get to do something fun, and more importantly enjoy with your mates, all at the same time. 

We wanted to bring that experience to everyone and thus here we are. While you get to create a nice piece of wall art for your lovely house, don’t forget to toast to your friends, dance to the music, and enjoy your favourite snack.

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