Media events are a great way to get media to come and experience your product or service firsthand, thus improving the likelihood of coverage and gaining supporters for your company or product. In order to get them interested, you need to send a media invite to invite journalists to attend your event.

The media invite is often the first time a journalist is introduced to your brand and making a good impression is essential to getting them to come to your event, or if they can’t make it, at least remember your brand.

To help you prepare the best possible media invite, we’ve broken the email into a rough structure, which you can use as a guide in your efforts to reach out to the media. Here is the structure of a good media invite:

Media invite


A strong headline is a must to grab the people’s attention. Our personal preference is to keep it functional and mid-length – 10-12 words. Tell the journalist up front this is an invitation to attend a press conference, media tasting, or any other type of event. The rest of the headline should give them information about what will be shared – new product launch, opening a new office, or what makes it newsworthy.

Event Details

This is the simplest part of the media invite. Include the following information: 

  • Where; location, include a map if possible
  • When; time and date of the event

The body of the text

Angle: what is the event about and why is it important. This is the chance to provide the journalist with the key points about the event you’re inviting him or her for. Eg. We’re launching Singapore’s first artisan baking festival and will feature some of the most famous bakers from Asia.

Whom does it impactBaking fans and foodies will love the unique creations available exclusively at the event

Why it is important to the mediaPeople love food and this is the first of its kind in Singapore

Select a deadline for the pitch: You can keep it up to 2 months, but only if the news isn’t that time sensitive

Other things to note

  • Include prominent attendees and exhibitors
  • Attach any supporting documents or media, such as the press release about the service
  • Images or videos are a great way to get journalists interested in your email
  • Evaluate your pitch to see if you can find the answer to one question, “Is this interesting?”
  • Reading it out loud can help you see if it reads well

This is a simple guide to drafting a media invite. Keeping it simple and including the key details about the event is crucial to ensuring media know the most important details up front.

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