Kipin, listed as the World’s top edtech companies 2024, on its journey towards providing equal learning opportunities in Indonesia


Kipin, one of the only Indonesian entities, is recognised together with 250 edtech companies in the award list by TIME Magazine for the mission towards addressing educational challenges 


Indonesia, 29 May 2024Kipin, an Indonesian education company, was recently accoladed as the only Indonesian entity among the World’s Top EdTech Companies 2024, as recognised by TIME Magazine. This underscores the significance of its mission in confronting Indonesia’s educational challenges head-on, standing at the forefront of innovation in the education sector. To date, Kipin has reached 3,000 schools and more than 350,000 teachers in Indonesia and is expected to expand further across the nation.

“Kipin’s journey has been one of relentless dedication to empowering educators and students across Indonesia,” remarked Steffina Yuli, Chief Business Officer of Kipin. “Being recognised among the world’s leading EdTech companies, especially by such a renowned publication, is truly a humbling acknowledgement of our commitment to utilising technology to drive positive change and equality in education in Indonesia. We are immensely thankful for the recognition and will continue to remain motivated in our goal of making education accessible for students in Indonesia.” 


The World’s Top Edtech Companies 2024, by TIME Magazine and Statistica, consists of 250 shortlisted edtech startups globally and was based on a formula evaluating financial strength and industry impact. Kipin was the only Indonesian edtech firm shortlisted and was ranked 6th in Southeast Asia. 

Triumph through adversity: Overcoming challenges and inspiring hope in more than 3,000 schools in Indonesia 

Amidst Indonesia’s vast archipelago of 17,000 islands and a population exceeding 250 million, Indonesia grapples with formidable obstacles in achieving educational equality. The disparities in infrastructure, resources, and connectivity exacerbate existing inequalities, hindering the realisation of every Indonesian child’s right to quality education. 

Conventional systems struggle to bridge the gap, exacerbated by the high cost and uneven distribution of internet access. Yet, Kipin has emerged as a beacon of hope, leveraging over a decade of experience to develop tailored digital education solutions. To date, Kipin’s solutions have helped over a million students living in the rural parts of Indonesia, in over 3,000 schools. 

“While accolades are gratifying, our greatest reward lies in witnessing the transformative impact of our solutions on Indonesian education,” added Steffina Yuli. “The solutions offered at Kipin are meticulously crafted with a keen focus on affordability and accessibility, aligning with Indonesia’s educational priorities. Apart from offering study materials such as textbooks, video lessons, tryout exercises, and literacy comics for elementary to vocational levels, Kipin School features a unique offline online exam system, empowering students to engage with educational content anytime, anywhere.” 

Kipin’s recognition on the global stage not only elevates the company but also positions Indonesia as a trailblazer in education technology. As the nation strives towards its Golden Vision by 2045, Kipin’s pioneering spirit promises to shape a future where every Indonesian student has equal access to quality education.

About Kipin

Kipin is known for providing breakthrough digital school facilities that are easy and affordable for use in Indonesia’s 350,000 primary, secondary, and high schools, as well as Madrasahs nationwide. Currently, thousands of teachers and schools across Indonesia have been using Kipin’s solutions for daily classroom teaching. As a 100% Indonesian company, Kipin focuses greatly on the needs of schools, teachers, and students, enabling them to successfully implement digital school digitalization at all education levels located anywhere in Indonesia, whether in urban, rural or in remote areas (3T) with no internet access. One of its breakthrough innovations is the Kipin Classroom, with its unique ability to operate in a hybrid manner, both online and offline (without internet), ensuring that all schools regardless of their location can easily and evenly adopt digital learning. This ease and flexibility are expected to accelerate the distribution of education in Indonesia. Kipin’s solutions are well-loved by Indonesian educators, commanding a community of over 350,000 subscribers on Youtube with its channel Video Pendidikan Indonesia that show thousands of testimonies, webinars and more.

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