Kristen Alyssa
LinkedIn has over 760 million members. For businesses, this means that your target audience is definitely using it. The platform hosts 55 million companies, which is no wonder why it makes the perfect business ecosystem to reach both B2B prospects and consumers through LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn, like most communication mediums, exists in the digisphere for...
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The internet’s first personal data collectors were websites and applications. Now, consumer data is used to deliver targeted advertising and content, leading to higher returns. By tracking users’ activities online, marketers are able to analyse, enquire about and understand their audience. More recently, intelligent technology in physical products has allowed companies in many industries to collect...
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In a new era where everything is digitized and at the touch of your fingertips, brands are now realising that it takes a lot more than being a content creator or digital enthusiast to be taken seriously. It is no wonder why Search Engine Optimization is the new gold mine in this current digital marketing...
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With technology at our fingertips, everything is accessible with the push of a button and free creative apps are no exception. Graphic design has become a crucial skill for the tech-savvy generation, either for leisure or professionally. Naturally, we would want the full spectrum of reputed tools like Adobe or the latest Final Cut Pro....
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Online fatigue has become an everyday struggle with most of us stuck at home for almost a year now. Confining ourselves indoors unexpectedly presents new challenges. However, with discipline and organizational skills, there’s always room for improvement and balance.  While some relish in the little joys of working from home, for most of us, this...
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In this day and age, we live in a world where social media reigns and everything is connected with a push of a button. Gone are the days where we used to rely solely on print media. Companies are cutting costs and going digital and brands are opting for more social media presence.. The internet...
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June 2021